Sandra A. Swanson

Writer and Editor

As a full-time freelance journalist (and previously as a staff writer for publications such as InformationWeek), I'm committed to delivering clean, engaging copy.

For more than a decade, I've brought clarity to complex topics, writing for dozens of publications including:
Stanford Magazine
Better Homes and Gardens
Technology Review's MIT News
UIC Alumni Magazine
Chicago Magazine
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
Crain's Chicago Business
PM Network
The Rotarian

My specialties include science, health, technology, and business. I'm a member of:

NASW (National Association of Science Writers)
SEJ (Society of Environmental Journalists)
AHCJ (Association of Health Care Journalists)

Let me know how I can lighten your editorial load, and 
drop me a line today.


- article, "Fingerprints Go the Distance"

- article, "Ultrasound Gets More Portable"

- article, "Thinking Outside the Toy Box: 4 Children's Gizmos That Inspired Scientific Breakthroughs"

- article, "Securing the Smart Grid"

- Stanford Magazine article, "What the e-Nose Knows: A Whiff of the Future"

- Dana Foundation article, "Lights, Opsins, Action! Optogenetics Brings Complex Neuronal Circuits Into Sharper Focus"

- Won a national magazine writing award (silver "Eddie" from FOLIO) for a profile of a robotic surgery specialist, published in UIC Alumni Magazine
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